Selected writings listed below:


“I brush my hair to shed the dead,” “It Cannot Be Called Ambition,” and “Iron Shoes” published in The South Dakota Review, Volume 54, Issue 2.

“In the Shadow of the Headless Muse,” Indiana Humanities Poetry Blog.

“Childhood,” “Homeless,” “The Road,” “Linda,” “I Cannot Drive to Her House,” “Make,” Finalist, 2016 Coniston Prize, Radar Poetry, Issue 12.

“My Locks Tangle in the Manholes Cover,” Indiana Poetry Awards, First Place-Urban, Wabash Watershed, July/August 2014.


The Indianapolis Anthology edited by Norman Minnick, reviewed for Indiana Authors Awards.

The Spectral Wilderness / Oliver Bendorf, The Southeast Review, online & in print issue 35.1.

The Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude / Ross Gay, Nuvo Newsweekly.


The Story of Jonah, The 2020 Exhibition of the Religion, Spirituality, and the Arts Program.